Using Contractor’s Office in the Cloud

When you sign up by entering your email address and password Contractor’s Office will launch and you will be in it. An email is sent to you that comes from [email protected].  The purpose of this email is getting into the system again. The contents of the email:

Your new “Contractors Office” account has been created successfully.
User name: The email address you entered to get into the system
Password: The password used at that time
For security reasons it is highly recommended that you delete or hide this important information.

To enter to the web log in page click the link below:
Contractors Office

The Contractor’s Office link will get you to the login screen.

When you have completed this and click on Log in you will see this next screen.

On a Windows system you would click on the left Connect button and a startup app will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.

You can right click on it and send it to the desktop and you will have the   icon on your desktop

On MAC or Android systems click on the right Connect button.  You will be sent to another Connect button

When you click on the Connect button you will be taken into Contractor’s Office.  No matter which browser you use, Bookmark this page so you can get back.

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