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Contractor’s Office Estimating Software in the cloud will improve your estimating process!

Find out how you can add time to your day, win more bids and make more cash by requesting this free 15 day trial of our estimating software that lives in the cloud. Don’t waste time with mediocre software programs and Excel spreadsheets to run your construction business when you can quickly start using PrioSoft’s estimating software to handle precise, professional looking estimates and track them all in one place.

PrioSoft’s estimating software provides a localized cost database so that your estimates are based on the most current rates. Request a free, no obligation trial now to recognize how uncomplicated estimating and reporting are with PrioSoft’s Contractor’s Office Estimating Software.


  • Use the estimating software on almost any device (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet)
  • Works on most operating systems including: Windows, MAC OS, iPad OS, Lynx and Android
  • Contractor’s Office Contractor’s office runs on our server just as it would on your desktop.
  • Your data will always be safe and secure.
  • Our cloud system runs as fast as your Internet connection will allow.

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Test drive the cloud-based Contractor’s Office features such as:

  • Quick, easy and accurate residential and commercial estimates.
  • Invoicing that works for you; single, draw schedules or % complete (AIA) billing
  • Managing your subs, partners and vendors.
  • Simple report designer element.
  • Managing marketing, deal and tracking bids.
  • Security – Safe data in the cloud.