Make More Money In Less Time With
Construction Estimating Software

You have big plans for your business. The right tools make all the difference – whether it’s building a house or building your business. Contractor’s Office construction estimating software includes everything you need to stay on track, manage your cash flow and increase profits.

Contractor’s Office is the Most Powerful Construction Estimating Software on the Market


PrioSoft - Best construction cost estimating softwareWhether you call it construction estimating software, estimating software, construction management software, construction contractor software or handyman software, Contractor’s Office Construction Estimating Software manages your entire business process. If you’re a Residential or Commercial Contractor, General Contractor or sub-contractor you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Since Estimating is part of Sales, Contractor’s Office is based on a  complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) facility which includes tracking of the contact, letter writing, appointment setting, numerous kinds of reports and much more.

Using Contractor’s Office construction software means you’ll:


Save Time
Make More Money
Easily Get Accurate Residential and Commercial Cost Estimates
Calculate in Imperial or Metric
Get Up And Running in No Time Flat
Manage Your Projects from Initial Contact through Completion
Control Your Cash Flow
Runs on the PC and MAC desktop
Runs from the Virtual Private Networks (VPN) on PC, MAC or Tablet anywhere
Use it around the globe

Here are just a few reasons to get Contractor’s Office construction cost
estimating software

Estimating Construction Costs

Get easy, fast and accurate residential & commercial cost estimates

Get input from Takeoff and BIM

Interface directly with the Takeoff or Drawing

Contact Management (CRM)

Marketing, sales and tracking–done!

Construction Bid Management

Stay on top of your subs and vendors

Construction Project Management

Bring it in on time and under budget

Construction Invoicing

Keep cash flow current with simple, draws or % complete

Reporting System

Includes an easy-to-use report designer

First Class Support

What you need. When you need it


Protects your data

estimating for construction

Add even more functionality to your cost estimating software with these must-have modules:

Construction Accounting Software

  • PrioSoft - Best Construction cost estimating softwareManage your business–not just your jobs
  • Track all your company finances
  • Enter data just one time–it’s totally integrated
  • Know how your business is doing at all times with Budget to Actual Revenue and Expenses, Job Costing, Receivables, Payables, Check Writing, Job Tracking and Financial Reporting

Construction Scheduling Software

  • Track every task and resource
  • Plan for the upcoming day, week or month to ensure everyone knows what they are responsible for
  • Allocate resources to activities to accurately reflect how the work is performed
  • Coordinate labor, material, equipment and subcontractors to ensure on-schedule, on-budget completion.
  • Create Work Orders to show them – not just tell them – their assignments

Build your business – fast – with PrioSoft’s powerful construction cost estimating software. Call 888-394-0252 or contact us today. Can’t wait to get growing? Buy Contractor’s Office construction software now.

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