Active Takeoff Download

Welcome to 5-Star rated Active Takeoff with ease of use, minimal learning curve and super-fast tech support team that make it a standout in the industry.  Active Takeoff is the right tool to efficiently and quickly select the items and calculate all the quantities so you can, with Contractor’s Office, get the costs and potential profits for you.

Time and materials are prime metrics for most jobs. With Active Takeoff you eliminate manual plan takeoffs and drastically reduce the chance of miscalculating materials or missing items. You can download electronic plans right from the plan room or import plans using industry standard formats. It’s time to put away those rulers and highlighters automate your estimating.

With Active Takeoff you view, measure and markup plans right on your computer. With a minimum of training you can use Active Takeoff to calculate anything from drywall materials to gallons of paint required. You quickly measure square footage, perimeters and volumes of simple or complex areas. Plus you save precious time by eliminating repetitive work throughout the job cycle.

Active Takeoff works with your digital plans, whether they are in PDF format, image format or scans, and outputs your estimates directly to Contractors Office to apply the dollars and give you a completed estimate instantaneously.

If you do your takeoff by hand, you’ll do it in half the time with Active Takeoff.

A few reviews received about Active Takeoff

#1: In my opinion the best takeoff software on the market

Prior to using this software I was scaling and taking measures by hand which was extremely time consuming for me and difficult to get perfectly accurate. I tried other similar products but found them no good and so complicated it was not worth bothering. I then trialed this software and was amazed at how easy it was to use. Drawings that would have taken 2 to 3 days to measure by hand can now be measured quickly in minutes or hours which means I can provide quotations to clients much faster and more accurately. After the trial period came to an end purchasing the product was a no brainer. It has paid for itself after just one week of use.

If you still do takeoffs by hand you need to download this software immediately it will save you countless hours.

Nick Abbott

# 2: New technology helping residential remodeling company in Boise

It is easy and fun to use. It makes my estimates extremely accurate. It has all the functionality that I need in my residential remodeling business. My designer wants to use it but I am having too much fun to give it up.

Use the help manual before you call for help. See if you can figure it out on your own first. Help is a phone call away and extremely helpful.

Joe Levich
Levco Builders LLC

# 3: Awesome Takeoff Software for an Old School Scaler

Picked up 85% of program in about a day. Saves me hours over the old school scaling.
Accuracy is also much better.

Joe Speranza
Vice President
DEMZA Masonry