Commercial Cost Database Pricing

Light Commercial:

Over 9,000 unit price costs developed for the costing of every aspect of light construction within building types such as apartments, motels, and office buildings. Perfect for the designer, developer and contractor of light commercial construction.

Building Construction Cost Data (BCCD):

Most General Contractors purchase this database. Over 17,000 unit price costs covering all 34 Divisions of the CSI MasterFormat. This extensive database is ideal for estimating new construction and major renovations for commercial and industrial projects costing $1,000,000 and up.

Electrical Cost Data:

Accurate unit prices for EMT, steel fittings and cable and wire products. The Electrical Assemblies section now uses the UNIFORMAT II numerical system. Wireway unit prices now include NEMA 3R rainproof types in addition to NEMA 1 general purpose types. Expanded electrical outlet box applications include non-metallic material such as PVC and plastic. Expanded totally enclosed motor Class B unit prices to include Premium Efficiency Grade motors. Expanded unit prices for high performance cables, category 5e and 6, to meet increased telecommunications requirements for new and retrofit construction. Expanded unit prices to meet energy conservation requirements. Special telephone and data systems.

Concrete & Masonry Cost Data:
Over 6,800 unit price costs including modular and job-built formwork, precast, cast-in-place and accessories. Complete price guidance for estimating concrete and masonry.

Site Work & Landscape Cost Data:

Over 11,000 unit price costs including earthwork, cut/fills, site drainage, paving, seeding, planting and much more. This database is utilized by civil engineers, general contractors, site contractors and landscape contractors.

Heavy Construction Cost Data:

A comprehensive database developed uniquely for specialized estimating of highway and heavy construction. Covers costs for projects such as bridges, roadwork, dams, water distribution and more. Offers over 11,000 unit price costs.

Interior Cost Data:

Over 12,000 unit price costs including prices for interior materials, equipment, hardware, furnishings and finishes. Ideal for designers, interior decorators and interior fit-up contractors

Mechanical Cost Data:

Over 14,000 unit price costs covering heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Also includes related cost information on both plumbing and electrical.

Plumbing Cost Data:

Over 11,000 unit price costs for plumbing and fire protection costs, covering all types of installations. Enables you to estimate your project down to every length of pipe and fitting.

Repair & Remodeling Cost Data:

Over 12,000 unit price costs developed to handle almost any repair and remodeling challenge, taking into consideration the special nature of R&R work.

Civil Composite Cost Data:

This database of over 24,100 unit price costs combines costs from the following unit price cost files: Building Construction, Site Work & Landscape, Concrete & Masonry, and Heavy Construction.

Commercial Composite Cost Data:

This composite database of over 38,500 unit price costs is designed for estimating all aspects of Commercial Construction. Combines the following unit price cast files: Building Construction, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing.

Facilities Construction Composite Cost Data:

Over 37,400 unit price costs designed especially for facilities construction, renovation and maintenance. Covers costs of commercial, municipal and institutional projects. This database is a must for facility managers and government construction managers estimating projects between $10,000 and $1,000,000.

Master Union Composite Cost Data:

Over 43,000 unit price costs, or largest database, combines the following Unit Price cost files: Building Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Interior, Site Work & Landscape, Concrete & Masonry, and Heavy Construction Cost Data.