Construction Accounting

The multi-company Accounting module of Contractor’s Office is a complete, integrated facility that handles all the bookkeeping and reporting functions for construction companies.

Easy process to setup the system your way

Setup of the Accounting module is very easy. A set of accounts, templates and reports come with the system.  Just edit the accounts, templates and reports that come with the system to reflect your needs

Enter data just one time

There is a direct integration between the parts of Contractor’s Office that allows you to only enter the data once.  In Contractor’s Office the Estimates, Quotations, Invoices, Requests for Quotation and Purchase Orders are all totally integrated within the estimating portion of the system.  The Invoices you generated from the Estimate, when you sold the job, are the Receivables against which your revenue transactions accrue. The Purchase Orders generated from the Estimate are the Payables against which the expenses are accrued in the Accounting module.

Because of this, at any moment you can get an up-to-date Job Cost.  You can manage the job from any financial angle with all the reporting that is built in as well as new reports you can generate through the Report Writer. If you use the Job Schedule, marking a task done automatically enters a transaction in The Labor Processing for the person assigned to that task.  This gives you the capability to track the labor by job, person and time frame.

Manage your business–not just your jobs

General Ledger, Check Writing, Labor processing, Receivables, Payables and Reporting are all part of the Accounting. Vendor management, tracking all the transactions as well as Bid management to handle all Requests for Quotation and Purchase Orders for services and materials are also integrated.  Inventory Control which integrates with the estimating is also part of the Accounting module.

Track all your company finances

Know how your business is doing at all times with Budget to Actual Revenue and Expenses, Job Costing, Job Tracking and Financial Reporting

Though the Contractor’s Office Construction Accounting module has numerous capabilities, if you are using QuickBooks, JobView or Sage 100, an interface exists in Contractor’s Office to these accounting systems.