Contact Management

Appointment Scheduling System:

Maintain schedules for every staff member, so you know who is responsible and nothing falls through the cracks. Instant access is available to the associated contact information, no matter on which database it is.

Mailing System:

Create and mail “Thank You” and other letters and forms, maintaining consistent contact with everyone. Create each letter of form with the internal letter writing or use our seamless interface with Microsoft Word™. Print, Fax or Email individual or thousands of letters, forms, envelopes or labels. Have Contractor’s Office merge any data from the database record into the correct position in letter and form.


A variety of existing reports including statistics on the data and activities and sales are included with the package. Others of your design can be easily implemented to ensure access to information on everything.Contractor’s Office gives you the information you need when you need it.

Automated Processes:

Create overall strategies and let Contractor’s Office handle your tasks. Combine your mixture of tasks, letters, envelopes, labels and tracking reports with specific intervals, frequency and selection criteria, …. then let Contractor’s Office do it all. Produce all types of reports at any frequency such as daily, weekly or monthly – or, maybe, the second Tuesday of each month . . . automatically. Produce schedules of follow-up tasks for each staff member, each day . . . automatically. Any combination of outputs the system creates can be matched with criteria necessary for finding the correct information from you database and the production can be scheduled to occur whenever necessary to give you the right answers to your questions. Through this facility strategies can be turned into automatically operating procedures… changing the view of your enterprise from task to process orientation.

Tools for Making the Communications Flow Naturally:

  • Spell Check can be performed in every text field such as letters, text windows attached to the contact record and comments.
  • Contractor’s Office contains features such as automatic proper capitalization of the contact address information, converting an alphabetic phone number to the numeric equivalent and a right click drop down menu for copy, paste and spell check on each of the contact address fields.
  • Contractor’s Office affords you the capability of easily working with any subset of your database. Use any criteria for selecting that subset while working with contacts and only see those selected records with which to work.
  • Scripts can be developed and used in the communication process, whether they are text only to follow in the conversation or survey questions, answers to which are automatically chronicled in the comments.
  • ToDo and Status lists can be created and used in the flow of the contact process. The ToDo information is recorded both on the schedule and in the comments history automatically. Status information is recorded in the comments history.

You can tell the system to automatically update the last and next contact dates when certain activities are performed.

All Information, Always Available:

  • As many databases as necessary, each configured uniquely, containing specific information required to properly reflect your audience
  • 72 user definable data fields in addition to the contact information in each database giving you all the room you need to describe your contacts
  • Easily handle date driven events such as jobs for a customer or class attendance for a school with each database by creating 18 user definable fields for transactions attached to the contact record
  • Attach multiple fields that each contain unlimited text such as directions, special needs or contractual conditions to each contact record
  • Maintain unlimited comments that are attached to each contact and date sequenced, inclusive of automatically chronicled activities such as the letters written, ToDo’s and status which serve as a history of the process of activities performed and resulting status
  • Attach a picture to each contact record.
  • Easy, instant access to all databases and any record within any databaseContact information can easily be transferred from one database to another