Make PrioSoft’s construction management software your
Blueprint for Success

Spend more time winning and delivering profitable projects with PrioSoft’s Contractor’s Office. By using our easy-to-use and customizable contractor software you’ll stay competitive while maintaining a steady cash flow and worthwhile profit margins.

Refer People – Get Commissions

When you purchase Contractor’s Office you are automatically registered as an Affiliate and will, therefore, automatically get a commission on whatever someone you refer purchases.  Pay for your software with the commissions you get and assist your friends in getting the software they need just by referring them.

Desktop Plan

Contractor’s Office cost estimating software for the desktop allows for one or many users to get its power. It will also allow for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) entry from anywhere on any device into the system.

Payment Plan

Easily budget and manage your cash flow with our convenient payment plan. Make a payment each month. Because there are so many options from which you may choose, we have taken away the confusion and you need only look for the product that meets your needs.

Annual Support

PrioSoft Best Construction Estimating SoftwareGet all the support and expert advice you need plus have automatic access to new functionality in PrioSoft’s leading-edge contractor software for a full year.


Annual Support

$ 100 for 1 year Sign Up Now


The Contractor’s Office licence is for a single user and does not include either Accounting or Job Scheduling.

To add Accounting and Job Scheduling there are upgrades.

With the single user system on a network, many people can use the same program and data but, only one at a time. To have more that one person using the same program and data concurrently there is an upgrade.