Job Scheduling

Contractor’s Office Job Scheduling is a complete task scheduler including all the functionality to schedule multiple jobs to run concurrently.

Not only can you schedule multiple jobs running concurrently you can also copy schedules from one job to another.

Track every task and resource

Organize tasks by job name, schedule new tasks for any job, schedule groups of tasks using schedule template, and assign tasks to contacts (crew or other companies).

Use schedule templates for repeat work and to schedule new jobs that are repeats of old jobs.

Plan for the upcoming day, week or month to ensure everyone knows for what they are responsible

Allocate resources to activities to accurately reflect how the work is performed.

Coordinate labor, material, equipment and subcontractors to ensure on-schedule, and on-budget completion.

  • Create Work Orders to show them – not just tell them – their assignments
  • Track all job info – files, notes, and communications
  • Send selected tasks using e-mail
  • View and schedule tasks for other people in your company

Function integration

When a task is marked done, the hours are assigned to the task in the Actual on the estimate and a time sheet is created in the labor processing.

Though the Contractor’s Office Job Scheduling module fulfills the basic functions necessary to manage your jobs, we have chosen to integrate with VirtualBoss for the advanced capabilities that it will afford you if your needs are greater.