Construction Estimating for Remodelers, General Contractors, Builders, Commercial Contractors, all trades

Cost Databases Included

Up-to-date Cost Databases for Residential and Commercial work are included with the Contractor’s Office estimating software.

  • Easy access
  • Localize your database costs by selecting the city closest to you in cost of living from a list
  • Make the numbers even better simply
  • Current costs for the entire list of unit cost items
  • Markups on Labor and Materials included in each item
  • Customize the database for your specific needs

The construction business software contains the labor, materials, subcontract, equipment and miscellaneous breakdowns and gives you a base for unit costing and pricing. That breakdown follows each transaction through the entire process and into generated Work Orders, Requests for Quotation and Purchase Orders and into accounting, posting the labor, materials and miscellaneous revenue items for Job Costing. Divisions or Job Costing categories to each cost segment of each line item are carried into integrated Accounting and Job Costing.

Easy Estimating Process

  • Create the Scope of Work
  • Serve the traditional method or the database oriented method of estimating
    1. Requests for Quotation can be generated and, when the bids come back with the real numbers, the right ones can be incorporated into the final construction estimate with just a few clicks of the mouse.
    2. Requests for Quotation and Purchase Orders can be generated from the construction estimate
  • Click on groups of or individual line items from your active cost database
  • Use Templates that are included with the system and those you have generated
  • Adjust the construction estimate by applying measurements to the entire estimate or any part
  • Save the estimate as the Budget when it is sold
  • Create a Payment or Draw Schedule or record Percent of Completion to use for tracking the construction job as well as for billing.
  • Schedule tasks that carry all the information intricately through to the Job Schedule.
  • Use the reports right there to compare the estimate to actual costs along the way through the construction job
  • Save the job, or any part of the job,  as a template to be used in future estimates for similar jobs