Make Contractor’s Office on the Cloud your blueprint for success

Access your Contractor’s Office construction estimating software from anywhere at any time.




Use your own computer as the host or subscribe to one of our cloud servers


Create a new user desktop or connect to an existing Windows desktop on the host


Share your applications with your users




Easily copy and paste files between connected computers, even between PC and Mac


Be up and running in minutes


Users have their own sessions, their own private documents – no disrupting the host computer or taking over the screen

It only takes a few minutes to get started

Start a no-obligation free trial today

In just minutes you could be accessing your own applications and data in realtime, from your laptop, tablet or phone. Using your own PC or server as the cloud “host” you can setup remote access to desktops, applications and files so that you and your users can be productive and get work done, even out of the office. It isn’t remote control, and you don’t give up the use of the host computer when a remote user needs to connect. If you want to outsource the whole thing to the cloud, we can provide a managed cloud server so you don’t have to worry about software installs and data backups. (Please note that cloud servers aren’t part of the free trial).

Discover the cloud on your own terms.

Bring remote offices together into a single working environment

Remotely access business applications and data from multiple devices, securely

Access Windows desktops and applications from Mac OS and Apple iOS devices

Use on premises systems or managed cloud servers to create your own custom or hybrid cloud

Safely extend applications to outside contractors and co-workers