Become a Partner

PrioSoft is looking for a select set of construction management market-leading partners to grow with us. We have several programs available:

  • Referral or Affiliate Program – This program is very hands-off, but allows the construction contractor or other lead source to earn cash for simply referring clients to us. There are no qualifications needed for this program. Refer someone who buys Contractor’s Office Construction Management software to earn a nice percentage of whatever they paid under this program.  When you purchase Contractor’s Office you will, automatically, be registered as an affiliate so your referrals will earn you 14% on what they purchase.
  • Integration Partner Do you have a technology that would integrate well with Contractor’s Office for construction contractors? We would like to hear from you and explore how our products would compliment each other.
  • Reseller Program – This program allows Construction software providers to sell Contractor’s Office. To qualify, you must advertise and, actively, market Contractor’s Office. We will support you and your customers.
  •  VAR Program – This program allows construction oriented entities to sell Contractor’s Office Construction software. To qualify, you must advertise and, actively, market Contractor’s Office and be equipped to take over training of and questions from your customers. We will support you and you will commonly support your customers. We will be available for emergency support of your customers.

Call 888-394-0252 to learn more about how we can work as partners to grow.