PrioSoft, doing business from Las Vegas NV, was founded in 1986 to provide superior business organization software to small businesses. That software included the basic components for managing a business, i.e.;  Contact Management (CRM) to handle the marketing and selling functions of an organization, Accounting to address the financial needs and Inventory Control for the products that are to be sold.

Through the years, the software took on different modules to address the needs of numerous targeted audiences till PrioSoft found the construction market.  
Best construction cost estimating software - PrioSoft's Contractor's OfficePrioSoft has been concentrating all of its efforts on addressing the needs of residential and commercial construction contractors since 1999 with our product, Contractor’s Office construction estimating software.  After analyzing numerous other cost estimating systems in this market, PrioSoft found a large gap in the systems available for the small to medium contractor and has addressed that audience with superior estimating software since.

Part of the problem facing contractors with other estimating systems is handling repetitive projects without starting over each time. Contractor’s Office gives the contractor the capability to create templates of anything from items that are being used in more than one area of the current estimate to complete houses with all the areas and quantities included so a spec builder can produce the estimate and working documents for a new project in a minute or so.

Bid Management is a capability that is available in systems selling for more than the small to medium size contractor can afford.  This capability gives the contractor the ability to produce and handle the requests that are communicated to the vendors and subs and to produce and monitor the Purchase Orders for products and services that go into the jobs.  Contractor’s Office Construction Cost Estimating Software offers this capability to that audience within the cost of the basic system.

Though Contractor’s Office Construction cost estimating software has numerous capabilities, in many cases, there are systems that specialize in different aspects of the process and are, because of their specialization, more robust in those areas.  PrioSoft takes advantage of those capabilities by making Contractor’s Office the hub of the business process, interfacing with Word in its letter and contract writing and Document Management, Excel for transmission of data and for template libraries, QuickBooks, JobView and Sage 100 for accounting, Active Takeoff for takeoff and VirtualBoss for Job Scheduling.

Contractor’s Office operates on Windows or MAC desktops.

PrioSoft continues to lead in addressing the needs of small contractors and will continue because of the constant attention to those needs and enhancements to Contractor’s Office Construction cost estimating software.