Customer Support

PrioSoft wants Contractor’s Office to assist you in making your business grow so our best quality support is available when you need it. Our Remote Access Support Tools allow us to connect to your computers and perform virtually any task we could do on site. With your permission, we gain control of a remote PC over the web in seconds. We work with you to uncover the concern and get you back on the road. We use our remote support for personalized training also so you get the very best out of your software.

Remote Support

We use TeamViewer to support our customers and you can get the support module downloaded to your computer by clicking on Remote Support. ?If you are using Chrome TeamViewer QS will be in the lower left corner waiting for your click. If you are using Internet Explorer or Edge you will be asked to Run or Save TeamViewer QS so you can Run. If you are using Firefox or Safari go to the downloads launch TeamViewer QS.

Our Commitment Includes

  • Unlimited telephone time for question answering
  • training
  • estimate consulting
  • general problem solving
  • Updates to the software as they are available


  • $150.00 annually after the first 60 days


  • 9:30 AM through 8:30 PM EST Monday through Friday
  • 9:30 AM through 3:00 PM EST Saturday


We support international clients that are not in the US or Canada through Skype for conversation. For those who do not have it click Here to Download

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