The Transformation in Project Management – Benefits of Construction Cost Estimation Software

Benefits of construction cost estimation software.

Construction cost estimation software systems are the rage. They give you the scientific edge by adjusting labor units and estimating installation difficulty factor per installation for each task. There is little questioning the fact that there are many positives of using construction cost estimation software. Here’s a list of reasons why!


American Jobs Act – What Is In It For Your Construction Business?

By James G. McConnell


Please, ladies and gentlemen, don’t shoot the messenger. I don’t write the legislation, I just report what is in it so your business can take advantage of the appropriations if you so choose. Having said that, here is a breakdown of what is in the 155 page American Jobs Act of 2011, as introduced by the Obama administration, which affects the construction industry, segment by segment.


Hosting Your Construction Software Application in the Cloud for Use Anywhere

Be more productive on the go!

We at PrioSoft, are thrilled to announce hosting of Contractor’s Office. Any number of users can, from any internet connection, use the Contractor’s Office system. You can take your laptop to the job site or on an estimate where you can connect to the internet and do your work. No synchronizing necessary. All your up-to-date data is always available from anywhere, for the