Contractor software is an invaluable tool for contractors to manage projects efficiently, minimizing costly office time. From estimate templates to bid management, project management, scheduling, and accounting, contractor software allows you to get out of the office and onto the job. Specifically, PrioSoft Contractor software is so easy to use that anyone from office help to contractors can streamline time consuming paperwork with fast, professional results.

Make Bidding Fast And Painless

Every contractor dreads the costly, time consuming process of tracking down suppliers, calculating costs, pulling it all together, and writing it up. Often, all of that time consuming work amounts to nothing because in the process, the job is lost in the time it takes to present a bid. With PrioSoft, our contractor software does the work for you in a fraction of the time. By storing everything you need in one place, with a few clicks, all costs, supplies and suppliers are at your fingertips, complete with accounting and scheduling, ready to present bids in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

PrioSoft Contractor Software Bids Calculated Instantly

PrioSoft’s built-in database makes bidding a breeze. With all of the contacts and resources you need stored right in the software, complete with custom and included templates, you simply pull up the job type, plug in the specifics, and in seconds, the software calculates and writes bids easily and quickly, saving you costly office time. Because PrioSoft runs on Windows and MAC, and it can be accessed through the cloud on tablets and mobile devices, putting the power of fast, accurate, and professional bidding right in your hands anytime, anywhere. Its that easy.

Convenient Supplier Database Saves Time And Money

Gone are the days of digging through endless receipts then scrolling through your phone, looking for a specific supplier. PrioSoft Contractor Software allows you to create a complete database that can be cross referenced in so many ways it would be difficult to NOT find any of your suppliers quickly and easily. Search by company name, sales representative, client, job, or material\service. With all of the information you need so easily accessible, you can spend less time searching, bidding, and ordering, freeing your valuable time up to complete paying jobs.

Supply Lists From All Vendors In One Convenient Place

With PrioSoft Contractor Software you’ll find all of your daily supplies listed, with per unit prices, all compiled in one adaptable, user-friendly place. Here too, you can search by supplies or suppliers. Used in tandem with the convenient job type function, lists are readily available that include requirements, supplies, prices, then it calculates the cost of the job for you quickly and easily. The software comes with lists premade, but with the option of adding, deleting, or changing lists to meet your unique needs. By entering information for one job, you can save the information, putting it at your fingertips for the next job. It’s just that easy.

Handy Reminder Function

By providing templates for 100s of standard job types, everything you need is listed out for you. This eliminates the oversights that often occur in manually hunting down supplies, pricing them, calculating the prices, then ordering when your time is at a premium. You’ll find lists for everything you’ll need for most jobs without forgetting those easily overlooked items. Because PrioSoft Contractor software is so inclusive and easy to use, anyone can perform the bidding and ordering tasks, providing you with yet one more way to save time and money for your business without compromising attention to detail.
Once you’ve seen how PrioSoft Contractor Software works you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Never lose another job to slow or incomplete bids, never waste your time hunting down receipts or rummaging through files, carry the ease and convenience of bidding, calculating, pricing, supplies, customers, and venders in your pocket. You’ll never go back to the old fashioned ways again, we promise.

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