Enhancements and Fixes included in each Update

Contractor’s Office is continually being updated to include new enhancements and fix concerns.  Each of the changes will be listed with its release number so you can track what is being done for you.

Make sure you are working with the current version of Contractor’s Office.  You can find the release number by clicking on About on the Contractor’s Office menu and then the About PrioSoft – Contractor’s Office option.  The number will appear at the top of the screen.

May 11, 2016 Release # 200000000029

Fix: Message “um1′ not found while registering the system

April 30, 2016 Release # 200000000027

Fix: Problems with ‘Control’ while exiting the system

Update: Imperial to Metric conversion database conversion

April 25, 2016 Release # 200000000026

Update: Expanded the number of user defined fields to 576

Update: Imperial to Metric conversion implemented so the system can be run using Metric measurements

Fix: “Control not found’ while exiting the system

April 19, 2016 Release # 200000000025

Update: Expanded the number of user defined fields to 576

April 3, 2016 Release # 200000000024

Fix: ‘evlist2’ not found when saving an item

Fix: ‘snetpath’ not found when exiting system

April 1, 2016 Release # 200000000022

Update: All criteria for all 324 fields working for Automated processes

Fix: Viewing individual items from the % Complete screen

Fix: Printing proper vendor on checks when vendor is in the Subs database

Fix: Eliminate duplicate groups in % complete screen

March 29, 2016 Release # 200000000021

Update: Selecting multiple locations for all Word Merge Documents

March 25, 2016 Release # 200000000019

Update: Selecting location for all Word Merge Documents

Update:  Easy access to the ToDo’s for Automated Processes

March 22, 2016 Release # 200000000017

Fix:  “command1” not found during automated process run

Fix:  “tmplead” not found during automated process run

March 15, 2016 Release # 200000000016

Fix:  “HDCN” not found

March 14, 2016 Release # 200000000015

Update:  All 324 fields are made available for selecting criteria as well as for embedding in letters

Fix:  “***.**” for total hour on Takeoff report

February 29, 2016 Release # 200000000012

Update:  Expansion of user Automated processes campaigns to handle groups of Todo’s

Fix:  “Director” not found

February 27, 2016 Release # 200000000011

Update:  Expansion of user define fields from 73 to 324

Update:  Expansion of the user defined fields name from 10 to 20 characters

Update:  Grouping of Todo messages in the view for ease of use

February 15, 2016 Release # 200000000010

Update:  Grouping user fields on the Contacts screen

Fix:  “eventid not found” when opening the Estimate Database

Fix:  “Field in use” when changing databases in the Contacts screen

February 11, 2016 Release # 200000000009

Update:  More fields added to the export when saving an estimate as a spread sheet

Fix:  Import the estimate that was exported to a Spread Sheet only when there is a spread sheet in the folder

Fix:  Administrative fees were not calculating on a regular bases

Fix:  Administrative fees were not printing when told to

Fix:  Newly assigned group was not automatically showing only it’s content when created

February 2, 2016 Release # 200000000008

Fix:  Selection of Summary style estimates would not appear

Update:  Import the estimate that was exported to a Spread Sheet

January 28, 2016 Release # 200000000007

Update:  Job Info button moved and User Fields button added on Contacts screen

January 27, 2016 Release # 200000000006

Fix:  System did not save changes to Job Description on an estimate saved as a new estimate

Fix:  The message “labs not found” when printing a quotation.

January 20, 2016 Release # 200000000005

Fix:  New Change Orders got the wrong job description that could not be changed

Fix:  The database and estimate style request would appear twice for a new estimate

January 18, 2016 Release # 200000000004

Fix:  Problem with “Unassigned” in the estimate causing inaccurate results

Fix:  Problem with system numbering causing the system to always say there is a newer version to be downloaded

January 14, 2016 Release # 200000000003

Fix:  Short Description of an estimate goes with the items when creating a new estimate from an existing estimate

January 3, 2016 Release # 200000000001

Update:  Screen sizing is done using the Windows buttons and screen size arrows instead of the Screen Size screen

Update: The Contacts screen has been restructured changing the position of buttons. The Estimate button is now lower in the menu bar on the left. The Letter Writing capability now emanates from the menu of the Write Letters button and printing of the contact information from the menu of the Print Profile button.

Update:  Reports coming from the Appointments screen now emanate from the menu of the Print button

Update:  Reports coming from the Job Schedule screen now emanate from the menu of the Print button

December 2, 2015 Release # 116900298044

Fix:  Unidentified object “TREET” when printing a quote

November 29, 2015 Release # 116900298043

Fix:  Calculation on the Schedule of Values Report

Fix: handling of the company record throughout the system

November 17, 2015 Release # 116900298042

Change: Requests the new group when copying items from one estimate to another with Save As.

November 14, 2015 Release # 116900298041

Fix: Error message when adding a new factor

Fix: Modification to Screen Size screen

November 11, 2015 Release # 116900298040

Fix: Error message when creating a database item

Fix: Giving quantity from Add from Database to the items added to templates

Fix: Clean Groups in an estimate for ease of use

Fix: Error message “JOBNO not found” when creating a subgroup in a template

September 22, 2015 Release # 116900298039

Fix: Download the Lite Commercial database

September 21, 2015 Release # 116900298038

Fix: Bid Management does not go to the right list from the drop-down menu

Fix: Bid Management does not always show the Vendor correctly

September 5, 2015 Release # 116900298037

Fix: Sometimes does not put the sub on the check.

Fix:Make the comment field on the check longer

Fix:Error “XPANDARY” when adding item to a template from the commercial database

August 25, 2015 Release # 116900298036

Fix: Access Denied on the Group – Index report file.

Fix: Wrong name in the Customer column for Bid Management grid

August 11, 2015 Release # 116900298035

Fix: Search for items in the cost database is easier with the Enter key on he search

Fix: Job Schedule registration code works better

July 27, 2015 Release # 116900298034

New: You can now replicate items in the same estimate and can place them in a different group

July 26, 2015 Release # 116900298033

Fix: “errors occurring in the commercial database” in Order Processing

Fix: Schedule of Values report errors

July 8, 2015 Release # 116900298032

Fix: “nesting error” in Order Processing

New: Administrative Fee on Summary estimates

Fix: “Install Intuit Interface” button missing

Fix: “”Multi Level Group” spelling fixed on the estimate screen

July 7, 2015 Release # 116900298031

Fix: “cmrec not found” when bringing items from a template into the estimate.

July 3, 2015 Release # 116900298030

New: Metric measurement for international customers has been implemented

July 1, 2015 Release # 116900298029/span

New: Allow the system to calculate the Administrative fees on an estimate.  You have the option the number of hours or portions you will charge for on administrative time and the option of the rate.  You also have the option of printing the line item for the charge or distributing the value through the estimate.

Update: The system will only ask for the Residential or Commercial the first time you access the estimate.

June 17, 2015 Release # 116900298027

Fix: Vendor and company fields not long enough in writing a check

Fix: “INOUT not found” in writing a check

Fix: Problems of WT4 not found, abovary not found and Text2 not found while adding an item to the residential database

Fix: Schedule of Values handles the profit margin properly

June 10, 2015 Release # 116900298026

Update: On some Windows 8.1.systems there is an Access denied message when the system is first opened.

Fix: The files are opened differently

May 26, 2015 Release # 116900298024

Update: The Review button in #5 of the New Company SetupTodo List to give instructions for getting back into the Cloud system.

New: The Schedule of Values report from the estimate screen

Fix: The forms updater app will install the correct forms.

May 24, 2015 Release # 116900298023

Fix: A problem existed in the database Add Item process causing an error message to appear and still add the item.

Fix: When requesting Detail on Each Line Item of the Quotation by Group the Unit Price and Price would appear on each line if the text of the line ran more than 1 line. In order to make this work some changes were made that necessitate changes on the No Divisions and Line items and the Divisions and Line Items forms.  If you are working from the Cloud or you have customized those forms some manual changes will need to be made by you. The instructions for that modification can be found here.

If you have not customized the forms and you are not working on the Cloud you may Get the forms.